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Your Irish Faery Godmother's 

"I Believe" Page


Do you Believe in Fairies?

I know, you ask, "Do YOU?"  Yes, I do, and I'll tell you why, and how.  Then you can help yourself to a button, if you like.

I believe that all living things have a certain "something" in them.  Whether or not it's proper to call "it" spirit, or holy spirit, or life, or soul or whatever, I will use the term spirit.  I'm not a theologian nor do I want to be.  I doubt that this is necessarily a religious issue.  It certainly isn't to me.

So, I will use the term spirit to define that "something" possessed by all things that allows it to come into being, grow, take in sustenance or nutrients, reproduce and die, hopefully to begin the cycle anew.

That "IT", that "spirit", I call fairy.

Since I can not see that spirit, that active force working in my garden, touching that seemingly lifeless seed and causing the most magical miracle of all to begin--LIFE--I choose to "see" it my way. ( I'm allowed.) 

Fairies are that spirit.  Now, being a human I can only conceive of things unseen in my limited three dimensional way.  I interpret what I believe by seeing "something" in my mind's eye.  This helps me understand.  (It's a stepping stone.  I know what it is I'm thinking on, so now it's time to go beyond wondering what it looks like.  It's a symbol of something I can't literally see.) 


Now a lot has been written about fairies. (And even more painted!)  Many sane and rational people have claimed to have seen a fairy.  I have not.  Many sane and rational people claim to have seen Ireland.  I have not.  My experience in the matter means nothing to the truth of the reality.  I would be an ignorant fool to discount what others believe, simply because my own personal experience doesn't parallel their own.  (May I always remember that!)

Those tiny, delicate, humanoid bodies with gossamer sparkly wings live in my mind because I allow them.  Fanciful representation, yes.  But then, what does that spirit look like?  What does *your* concept of God look like?  A lot different than any one elses', and that's allowed, too.  We can't help it.  I doubt that God resembles any of them, but surely the Creator understands.  Maybe even smiles.

I read a lot.  Lots on fairies, too.  Some, if not most, of it is very fanciful, and maybe ever downright nonsense.  But that's FUN.  I read EVERYTHING I can.  I love the art work, too.  When business picks up, I'll collect it.

It makes me feel good.  Even when I get carried away with the nonsense.  It hurts no one.  It's fun.  And it's a super stress reliever.

Who needs to believe when you have all that going for you?  Well, I do believe.  But I'd thoroughly enjoy it even if I didn't.

Many of us have banded together to help keep these little dears alive.

Believe, and visit the headquarters at Fiona's Cottage:

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Help yourself.   Keep them.  Do what you like.  

DON'T Link to them, please!!

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by Tom Cross:


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Most of the lovely paintings can be found at

From Angel Bug of "I Believe"

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Now:  I believe in fairies:  Do you??