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*I Believe*

Your Irish Faery Godmother believes...

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For The True Believer
Of The Fae

*I Believe*

ANIMstar.gif (1459 bytes) Looking for faeries:ANIMstar.gif (1459 bytes)


When the faeries come close to you, are you aware that they are there?

Do you find this to be frustrating?


There are signs of faerie approach that you'll want to consider if you truly want to see them:


Acknowledge these happenings as evidence of the presence of the fey, and they will reward you.

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The best time for faerie approach is all of the BETWEEN times.

With practice, you can learn to spot or sense faeries and elves

at the edges of woods while walking along the road at dusk or dawn.

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The very best places for faerie approach are the BETWEEN places:


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Above all, don't give up. Always be aware. They watch you, you know.

Though they're a mischievous lot, they are kindhearted and may allow you to see them.

But they must be shown proper respect.

They are fiercely loyal to each other, and will be to you if found deserving.

They will never trust anyone who lies to them, or betrays their secrets.

Blabbermouths are not considered friends.

And above all, we must all respect nature, which is their home.

Gifts are greatly appreciated, such as food in the form of grains, honey, and milk.

Just pour it on the ground. They will find it, and enjoy a feast.


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Look for your gifts in return:

afairy1.gif (8114 bytes)

Show your respect for them by avoiding their mounds.

Avoid cutting down their trees!

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Attract them by telling stories.

Laughter attracts them,

As do bright colors

Also children who frolic and play.

Areas where nature takes its course can be a meeting ground, if not their home.

Let plants grow!

The fey gather where there is joy and laughter.

Fill your life and home with them!

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This is where I got My cheshire cat fairy 

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These lovely graphics and border background are from

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Faerie Godmother Fiona