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Faerie Godmothers


In the past, in some instances, some faeries and elves became temporary and sometimes permanent helpers  or patrons of humans, for even though many faeries and elves often spend their time fulfilling humble tasks,  they do possess extraordinary power.  And they often do take a liking to specific humans, such as in The Tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker.

Many in the faerie realm have the ability to bestow great gifts upon mortals.   They protect, guide and help change the fate of both humans and others of the faerie realm.  Falling into this category are the traditional faerie godmothers, as well as those faeries and elves who may simply assist us in our normal day-to-day activities.

The white ladies and the fees are the two most common forms of beings, who have been used as a pattern for modern day faerie godmothers..

The white ladies are very ancient and highly evolved.  They are actually more along the line of our traditional perception of angels.  They usually are only seen when they kiss a child, blessing it, or when you are alone out in nature.  When the latter instance occurs, you may simply encounter an old woman strolling through the woods who pauses to greet you.  When you turn around, you find there is no one there.   This is often the first touch and the beginning of the white lady blessing.

The white lady blessing often signals a change in the course and circumstances of your life,  what didn't work will now start.  Those things and people which used to cause problems may either correct themselves or disappear from your life.   Doors to opportunity begin to open unexpectedly.  You begin to meet people more in line with who you are and what you believe.

The fees are often considered the oldest beings on the planet, and it is from them that we get the traditional image of the faerie godmother with the blue ball gown and magic wand.  The color of the gown and its form is actually are of the energy that emanates from them.  They can be found in every corner of nature.  Their advice should always be followed to the letter.

When they borrow something, they always return it with a blessing. In fact their borrowing is one sign of their presence.  They appear as strangers who borrow something they kinow you have on you at the time.  The individual is ofete surprised they could know this.  They, like the white ladies, will often disappear--seemingly into thin air--immediately after the borrowing.  At some point, what is borrowed is returned, usually without direct contact.  You simply come across it by chance, discover another item or amount of money  where you least expect it.  This is when the blessings begin.

Most faerie patrons and patronesses are beautiful and have geat power.   Thjy control dynamic elemental forces, and they have the respect and love of their younger brothers and sisters.  They do not have to be female, as we often assume.

Some faerie godmothers align themselves with a specific place or environment, instead of an individual.  Their real appearances are kept secret, generally to test the personality of the one who seeks help.  Only if the test is passes will the individual ever have the opportunity to see the godmother in her true form.

To become a protégé of a fairy godmother, one must fulfill specific demands:

The individual must be free, in that he is a free thinker, creative, unbound by the structure of society, religion and their prejudices.

The individual must be open to new ideas and possibilities, and possess that child-like quality of innocence that opens itself to new wonders.

He must be generous in dealing with others.

Courtesy and hospitality are necessary qualities.

A care-giver, especially in nature.

The individual must be truthful!  The faeries dislike dishonesty above all, and will never accept a plea to help someone who cannot or will not keep his word, since a faerie's word is pure.

Still can't find one?


Well.  Hmmm...then again, YOU can become a member of the Secret Faerie Society! 

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And the Fairy Godmothers are looking for a few good helpers!

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